• From banks to bagels and realty to medical, we've served it all. We're ready to serve you too.
  • Tried-and-true technology solutions that work with your environment backed by people that have actually used and understand your solution. No outsourced or private contractors; just real people working with you to build real solutions.
  • We create unique, problem solving solutions that leap and excel over any generically named IT company that love to promise you the world but disappear in a year, or you can never reach again.
  • Stop hunting for new IT and computer repair experts every year. You've found Razelle.
  • Rely on our tried and tested technology solutions that perfectly fits you.
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We aren't just a break-and-fix company; we excel in building beautiful and interactive technology solutions ranging from technology management (worry-free update, security, backup management), website design/creation, website hosting with worry-free management, email hosting, mobile app development, enterprise grade Wi-Fi, graphic design, new hardware and software rollout, development and technology planning, and so much more. It's impossible for us to list everything we are capable of and we invite you to experience Razelle.
We can clear your viruses and repair your tech faster than a blink of an eye for your business, but we do so much more. We dream big and have great ideas that help your business reach new heights.
  • 1Same day on site service 24/7; that is all standard.
  • 2Unlike the break-and-fix providers, we're focused on enabling your enterprise to do what you love.
  • 3 Get all the tech hassles out of the way & provide an outstanding technology presence to your customers with Razelle.
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