Flagship store opens in Cricket West Shopping Center

(The image above is a concept only. Designs subject to change; products shown are not endorsements nor may be sold by Razelle, and are owned by their respected companies.)

TOLEDO, OH – February 24th, 2017 - Today, Razelle, Inc., an Inspiration Driven technology company, announces the development and opening of its flagship retail store in Toledo, Ohio. In July of 2016, Razelle first entered the retail world with an interactive kiosk in Franklin Park Mall where customers could visit and experience Razelle products and services. As customers’ demands change and Razelle grew, we responded and today we are announcing a gorgeous and highly interactive retail store like you have never seen before.

And because it’s Razelle, you know we take pride in every curve, every splash of paint, and every customer experience in our Store. Our goal of our first ever walk-in retail store was to provide customers a glimpse into the future of Razelle, their community, and provide the ability to connect with the people and technology world around them.

The Mission

The Razelle Store at Cricket West will feature forward-thinking technology solutions as Razelle sees into the future of the technology world that no other company offers. Our mission is to design technology solutions and experiences that enable anyone, anywhere to be able to do what they love in the most efficient and simplest way possible. This is why the Razelle Store will feature smart technology, that is designed to make your life easier. Razelle Store at Cricket West will feature technology that you have been accustom to and even technology that  you have never seen before, but once experienced, you won’t be able to live without.

Razelle Store will be the ultimate destination to discover new technology, and get the best personal service finding the right technology for you. We first start by welcoming you into our store, and seeing how we can help. With our dedicated Curate service, you can get a personal one-on-one shopping experience, where you can relax in your own private area, and simply tell us what you are looking to do. We listen to your needs, and select the best product for you, hassle free.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, we invite you to shop around in our gorgeous showroom designed for everyone. Our store design screams Razelle, with modern, colorful layouts that not only make shopping easy, but fun.

By not offering a sea of products, and only offering tested, verified and high quality products, Razelle makes choosing the right technology easy. The Store is designed to be easy to navigate, identify and purchase the best product and service for you. When you are ready to checkout, you don’t even have to visit a checkout counter. By simply scanning the product with the Razelle app, you can purchase right from your mobile device and walk out the door.

If your technology just isn’t treating you right, Razelle Store will have dedicated Solutions agents ready to assist you with your device bringing it back to tip-top condition. Our device services are one of the most forward-thinking solutions in the market. By not only providing the fastest turnaround time, we also allow you to track your service every step of way so you know exactly what is happening at that very moment. Coming soon, you will even be able to hail an Agent right from your mobile device to help, anywhere you are.

With so many devices trying to be the jack of all trades, the technology world has become fragmented and confusing. Our mission is to design technology solutions and experiences that enable anyone, anywhere to be able to do what they love in the most efficient and simplest way possible.


Razelle Store at Cricket West will be the only place to experience Razelle products and services in their glory. From RazelleWiFi to Curate, Emote and our device services, the Razelle Store will be built as an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that doesn’t take on the traditional ‘salesmen’ model. Our goal is to educate, and that simply can’t be done at our competitors’ locations looking to meet sales quotas. In a no hassle and no price haggling environment, customers can learn all about Razelle, our products and services, and the future of technology in a relaxing environment.

Along with Razelle’s own products and services, customers will be able to experience “what’s next” in the technology world. Unlike other technology stores, Razelle doesn’t accept just any manufacture at the lowest price. Products sold at Razelle are rigorously tested before ever hitting the shelves, which makes our selection curated, unique, and of high quality. Experience everything you hear about in the media, but not sure what it is or where to try it. Augmented reality, drones, smart artificial intelligence, and even devices you never thought could be made smarter including cameras, doorbells, and more.

Store Opening

The grand opening at the Razelle Store at Cricket West will happen Spring 2017, with an exact date coming very soon. Current customers of Razelle will receive an exclusive invitation to attend and be the first to experience what’s next for Razelle, their community, and the technology future. Our grand opening will be streamed live for those who cannot attend in person, with contests to win hundreds in Razelle products and services.

This begins the future of Razelle, and is the next step in our mission to enable you to #DoWhatYouLove.