Our Mission: Design technology solutions and experiences that enable anyone, anywhere to be able to do what they love in the most efficient and simplest way possible.

Razelle, officially known as Razelle, Inc. and first registered as Razelle Technologies, was started in Ottawa Hills/Toledo, Ohio and started providing simple technology solutions and services in 2014. In 2016, Razelle retired the Razelle Technologies name and became Razelle, Inc. 

At about 13 years old, Tim Moore, an Ottawa Hills K-12 2014 alumni, wanted to create his own operating system (similar to Windows and Mac OS X) and name it Gazelle, after the swift and quick animal. He realized it may be tricky getting name ownership and trademarks for the name Gazelle, so the project and idea was dropped. Tim created, produced and provided a variety of services, including a MMORPG game called Day of Chaos, a laptop named RocketTop, a technology news and information network called Android Task Force, and even appeared on various news networks including a reoccurring "Tech Tuesday" segment on NBC24. Tim pioneered and created many other services including Breaking Digital, a pop-culture technology and science news resource that learned and understood your interests to provide curated news content, a free, online news network called BDL, and more. After ups and downs along with many failures, a solution was born.

While other companies seem to be creating solutions for problems that don't exist, Razelle aims to solve the burning questions consumers have everyday about technology. Instead of naming the company Gazelle, the "g" was dropped and replaced with an "r" to signify "razor sharp." Therefore, the name Razelle was born. 

Razelle first offered on-site, in person technology solutions and services anywhere at anytime. Launched in 2012, customers could at anytime schedule and receive technical assistance no matter where the customer was located. Before Razelle, hourly rates from larger competitors were high and offered a sub-par experience.

In July 2016, Razelle officially announced Emote and Curate, the first product and second service from the company. Emote created a brand new market segment, eliminating the need to worry about updating, securing, and backing up on a wide scale. With one program, customers had a majority of their technology frustrations taken care of so they could focus on doing what they love.

Curate, the company's first service where physical products were sold, is designed to offer any type of technology at anytime. Customers can instantly on their mobile device request any technology product and have it instantly delivered useally within the same day. Curate will offer suggestions on technology products, and find the lowest possible price, delivered no matter where they are.

The Razelle logo was designed to be modern, simple, luxurious and last for many generations to come. At the heart of every Razelle service is the goal of simplifying innovation through wireless and effortless communication. We consider this our company's heart; hence the colorful, playful wireless symbol found inside the "a." 

Razelle launched its first retail presence at Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, Ohio on July 9th, 2016, which showcased all of our products and services, and provided customers an easy location to experience and learn about Razelle. In March 2017, Razelle launched its flagship showroom retail storeat Cricket West in Toledo, OH, which reimagined the way retail operates. The flagship store provides a shopping, service, and training experience for all to be able to connect with the latest technology and the community around clients. At the same time, Razelle started offering physical products both in-store and online that were different and "whats next" in technology. Products sold by Razelle were not only of high quality, but tested to ensure satisfaction unlike other large retailers. Razelle Store also allowed customers to shop and pay right from their mobile device, removing the need to stand in checkout lines.

Razelle's current CEO and Founder is Timothy Moore, and currently employs 8 individuals in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, India, and more. We invite you reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.