Never run another update, virus scan, or backup.
If your tired of running updates, worrying about if your secure, and learning how make sure all your important files are backed up, Emote is your answer.
Updates are a thing of the past.
It seems like there are updates every day for everything, and who knows what is safe to install? Emote automatically knows what to update, does it silently and never disturbs you. It also checks to make sure your device is in tip-top shape by watching for potential software and hardware failures and lets you know accordingly.
It gets better. Solutions Agents are notified the minute your device fails any of our health checks. We also make sure your device is performing its best by running tune up and maintenance tasks. All this is done silently; never disturbing you.
Security without the side effects.
You’ve always heard to make sure your device is secure. But as you live your life, security threats pop up all the time. Luckily, Emote comes with security protection that automatically secures your device from viruses and malware, and constantly makes sure any known security threats are removed. Should you get an infection, Emote automatically notifies Razelle, and we clean the infection without ever disturbing you. You can finally ditch that expensive, resource hogging antivirus.
Same goes for security threats; we’re always on top of it. We have teams that monitor daily for security threats, open holes, or other potential avenues for disaster and makes sure your protected from them.
Backup everything, and then some
The cloud was designed to be invisible and seamless. Not this confusing, limited storage mess. Emote protects and backups all the important stuff on your device automatically, such as your documents, photos, videos, music, and more. If disaster ever strikes, you can always restore what you need. There is no storage limits, so you don't have to worry about paying extra for storage. Emote is perfect for anytime you get a new device too, because you restore everything right back to where it was.
Painless setup, included
Once purchased, Emote is a simple, two step install. Once installed, Emote automatically adjusts itself, learns about your devices, and gets to work.
  • Monthly
  • 6 month
  • Yearly
Need more devices?
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